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Inverter DC MMA Welding Machine

Time:2008-11-20 Tag:welder   Inverter  

1. Suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steels and others require
High quality weld applications.
2. Shipyards.
3. Electric power, petrochemical Constructions.
4. Maintenance shop.
5. Light and heavy industries.
6. Boiler pressure container manufacture.

International latest technology adopted, novel design, perfect workmanship, and excellent performances;
Compact, light and easy in carrying;
Provided with automatic temperature protector and air-cooling unit, and highly effective and safe.
Hot start - For trouble free arc striking capability
Anti stick circuit
Turbo fan cooled
Thermal overload - Maximum safety guaranteed

Model No.:	ARC200	
Input power voltage (V)	AC230±10%
Rated input current(A)	19A
Input AC(HZ)	50/60	
NO-load voltage(V)	80	
Output voltage(V)	28V	
Output current range(A)	10-200	
Protection class	IP21	
Efficiency (%)	85	
Duty cycle (%)	60	
No-load power(W)	30	
Power factor cos φ	0.93	
Net Weight(KG)	4.7	
Product size:LxWxH(cm)	31x13x21	
Carton :	38.5x30.5x30.5  LxWxH(cm) (2pcs/carton)

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